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5 Features To Consider Before Buying Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

5 Features To Consider Before Buying Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless bluetooth headphones do not only free up your hands to do other things while you listen to or communicate with the sound from another end. They also make you look cooler, pump up your workout sessions, add more thrill to your gaming experience and have you enjoying great music without disturbing the next person who may not be interested in the sound.


Since they got into the market, headphones have been welcomed with open arms, and with the advancement of technology, MindKoo bluetooth headphones have made things so much easier. You no longer have to deal with tangling of wires and there is no need to always carry your smartphone around — you can still play music even if your headset is far away from the device, as long as you are within the range.

You have probably used many types before now, and if you want to step up your game, this guide will really serve as an eye opener to help you get the best.


Things you should consider before buying a bluetooth headphone.

The Bluetooth Range - one of the major perks that come with having a bluetooth headphone is that you can stay away from your computer or smartphone while jamming to the latest hits. Since this is a major feature of bluetooth headphones, the range of a particular headphone should be a determining factor wen you go shopping.

MINDKOO headphones have Bluetooth range reaching and even surpassing 30ft, and these are the types you should buy. They will give you enough freedom to move around without your phone.

Take note that no matter how good a headphone range is, your smartphone type could restrict it as both devices work hand in hand. So don't surprised if you buy a long range Bluetooth headphone and can't listen to it beyond 10ft distance, that's your old phone restricting it.

What you should do is to make sure that your phone type and Bluetooth range are in sync. This way, you won't waste money on what you can't enjoy.


The Bass - this is the part where wired headphones have more advantage, they are just so good as bass. Wireless ones on the other hand, are very good at bass as well, but this is where most of the quacks are likely to give themselves away.

    If you are really into bass, then keep good money aside for a while and have your eyes open for those shiny stylish Bluetooth headphones which truly have little to offer you — you will be able to tell from their weak bass. One of the most trusted brands for good sound quality and bass is MINDKOO, you will really get good value for your money.


    The Battery Life - if there is any advantages old wired earphones have over new Bluetooth headphones, it is the fact they they do not require charging —and that's because they didn't really have much to offer us anyway.

      If you are going to buy  a Bluetooth headphone, have it in mind that you will be charging it on a daily basis. This is why you should only buy MINDKOO brand since they have long battery life, you don't want to suddenly have your sound go off in the middle of a hot gaming session, do you?

      You will find really good MINDKOO headphones with more than one battery. These headphones can last for up to 20 hours, which is almost a whole day.

      If you ever come across a Bluetooth headphone with anything less than 6 hours of battery life, runaway from it.


      Audio quality (AptX encoding) - I don't believe there is any headphone enthusiast who isn't particular about this feature. It is about the quality of sound delivered to your ears and for me, is the most important aspect of having a headphone. Imagine spending money on a gadget that won't give you clear audio quality...what a waste.

        The AptX encoding is the technology behind the good quality of sound that is transmitted through the air. Without it, your headphone would deliver really poor sounds to your ears, so before you pay for a Bluetooth headphone, ensure that it has AptX encoding. Most high quality ones, especially those you will find at MINDKOO already have in-built AptX encoding.


        The Cost - Bluetooth headphones are lot classier and offer so much more than wired headphones, so by default, they are costlier than their wired counterparts.

        If you love high quality and want good value for your money, make sure you check for the aforementioned criteria before paying for a Bluetooth headphone.

        If you are worried about the price, you shouldn't be. High quality headphone distributors like MINDKOO have very flexible pricing. They offer Bluetooth headphones between 50 and 100 dollars with such amazing sound quality that is even too good for that price range.

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