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Make-up For Oily Skin

Beauty Tips: Make-up For Oily Skin

Our skin itself produces natural oil since some of us have more sebaceous glands on the face than others, which is a consequence of the natural process of the oily skin. This type of skin requires a special care, but also and a careful use of make-up to avoid the effect of shine. Make-up tricks that we’ll discover today will allow you to achieve the desired look and make your make-up permanent. Natural oils are good for your skin because they slow down the formation of pores in the early years. But they also have a negative side, such as expanded pores, an unpleasant luster, and a frequent occurrence of acne and inflammation of the skin. Easehold Vanity Makeup Mirror provides a wide-angle and precise viewing to see clearly every pore on your face. With its tri-fold design, it can open like a book and it’s easy to take away. It has a stable stand and 180 degrees of a free rotation. Makeup tricks for oily skin will ease you by facing these everyday problems.

Face primer 

Face primer is one of the solutions when it comes to reducing the fat of the face. When choosing a face primer, choose a base that matches your skin type which is a background intended for a mixed and oily skin. With the help of the primer, you will mask the face, absorb the excess oil, and control the sebum secretion. When you apply the base before the rest of the make-up, you will prolong the durability of your makeup and will reduce the appearance of the pores.

Translucent powder

The translucent powder will be a prevention to cover the glosses and mask the small facial skin defects. It is very important to apply this powder to the primers using a brush in small quantities, especially for the problem T zone. The Easehold Vanity Makeup Mirror can help here because it has 21pcs Led Lights which can give a great assistance for using in dark or poorly lit areas.

You can use the DIV powder instead of the translucent powder. it is made of a corn starch which will contribute to the final look of the make-up and at the same time will increase the permanence of the make-up.

Matting paper

If you notice that your face is shining in the day and you do not want or do not have time to apply an extra layer of powder, collect excess sebum from your face by easily tapping with matting paper. You will be surprised by the power of this quick-matting tool for critical parts, as well as the fact that matting papers will not download the layers of the make-up that is under fat. You can also use them before and after using the makeup.

You will significantly reduce problems with greasy skin if you follow these tips:

Clear your face with a cold water. At least twice a day refresh the skin with cold water. It closes the pores and cleans the fat in an aggressive manner.

Place your hair aside from your face. While you are at home, hold your hair caught in a horse's tailgate. Often, people who have oily skin also have oily hair, so that grease and dirt from the hair can easily pass on the pores of the skin on the face.

And, normally, exercise and eat healthy food!


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