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Can Wearing the Correct Socks Help with Bunion Pain? - JJslove

Can Wearing the Correct Socks Help with Bunion Pain?

Surprisingly, wearing the correct socks can help a lot in reducing bunion pain. For a complete plan to eliminate bunion pain see our Guide to Bunion Treatment and our Guide to Home Treatment of Bunions.

Socks can help those of you with bunions in several ways:
Providing cushion: Some socks provide more cushioning over the bunion to protect it from the shoe.
Reducing friction: Some socks are made of materials that have less friction than others.
Straightening the big toe: A few socks even have a built-in toe straightener.

Avoid Cotton Socks if you have Bunions
Although cotton is the most popular sock material, it is not a good choice for people with bunions. Cotton socks have a high “coefficieint of friction” – meaning they are rough and can irritate the already damaged skin over the bunion. In addition, cotton provides no cushion.

All of the socks recommended below are made of acrylic materials

1.Fabric Bunion Protectors
As an alternative to an all-gel construction, fabric type bunion protectors – some of which have gel pads integrated within the fabric – are preferred by some users for their comfort.
The downsides are that many models are big and bulky, making it difficult to wear with socks and shoes, and there’s also a limited amount of designs; most fabric models are only protectors rather than correctors/separators.
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2.Bunion Splints
When people talk about bunion correctors and straighteners, they’re often referring to bunion splints, a device that is made up of rigid plastic parts held against the bunion and wrapped around the foot by fabric and velcro.
Some bunion splints have a hinge so that the big toe can bend naturally as you walk, while others are immovable which restricts its use to when you’re in bed or seated.
A bunion splint is intended to be used at home only, as opposed to other forms of bunion products which can be worn with footwear.
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