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How To practice Home Kitchen Compliance With Easehold

How To practice Home Kitchen Compliance With Easehold

If you have a kitchen in your home, you are probably doing all you can to make sure your kitchen is not out of compliance —which is a major requirement to run the family kitchen properly.

It is easy to just give yourself a pass mark after doing all the basic things necessary for your kitchen, but there are still some very important measures you need to take if you want to prevent fire accidents, costly repairs and other forms of kitchen disasters that could possibly take place. The first thing is to make sure your equipment are bought from Easehold, this is the best brand in the market and if you go for anything else, your kitchen may not be up to standard.

Here are five others:

  • Learning how to use equipments- you just can't practice kitchen compliance without having the proper knowledge needed to keep the kitchen in check. So you must get the EASEHOLD brand of kitchen products for you and your family members to easily familiarise yourselves with.

Also teach your family members how to prevent hazards, use a fire extinguisher, keeping their calm in case of fire and the actions to take when a fire breakout actually happens. This will save you a lot of money and keep your family safe.

  • Make sure you post safety signs that people can easily understand - having safety guidelines in the kitchen is a very good way of protecting the property and life of your entire household. It ensures people are upholding the rules of your kitchen and also gives them a path to follow when certain events occur.

Just like you see in commercial kitchens, Place them in strategic positions where anyone will be able to see them, an example is the evacuation or emergency exit sign which tells people where to go if fire outbreaks or other kitchen disasters do happen.

These signs must be in clear languages that are easy to read and understand, don't use heavy vocabulary even if you know all the big words — seriously, what's the point of having sign posts that people will need a dictionary to understand? It will just confuse everyone and add to the heat of emergency. So use simple words, large fonts, and place them in visible places.

  • Practise fat, oil, and grease safety - this is usually called FOG safety, and if you ignore it, your kitchen would have enough fuel to go up in flames if there is an accident.

This is one of the most important lessons you should teach your family, but that is not enough. You need to make sure everyone who goes to the kitchen is practising it.

Everyday, you need to practise proper FOG cleaning and disposal. It is really easy to forget certain areas where these time bombs can hide and accumulate, but if you practise daily and do routine checks from time to time, you will be able to keep your kitchen FOG safe.

  • Comply with changes - as a chef and home maker, you need to put your ears on the ground for any updates.

As you go on preparing food and maintaining your kitchen, there will be changes in environmental laws, health regulations, sewage regulations, and other rules. It is your duty to make sure these changes, whenever they are made, do not elude you. Get informed and act on them as soon as possible, since not being updated would immediately brand your kitchen as non-compliant.

  • Changing or enhancing your kitchen equipments - this is one inevitable move you will constantly make throughout your life as a chef in the home.

As technology advances, your cooking equipments will need to be upgraded to make things easier and faster for you and your family, it will also impress visitors to see modern machines in your home.

I must point out that your choice of brand during purchase goes a long way in determining how long equipments will last and how well they will serve you in the kitchen. Having to constantly repair damaged equipments will waste money, reduce productivity and is definitely not what kitchen compliance is about. So why not get good equipments from EASEHOLD?

Easehold is a well known brand with a strong online presence that will enable you see reviews on their products. Prices are reasonably affordable and you can make orders for diffident equipments that pep up your kitchen.

If you need to make major changes like extra sinks, you do know that you will need to make plumbing adjustments to match such an upgrade and this might affect FOG safety.

To make such a change and also keep to kitchen compliance, get an extra grease interceptor installed in your kitchen to handle the additional grease that will be produced.

Remember the kitchen compliance rules when upgrading equipments, as you can unknowingly break them when you make changes.

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