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The most important thing you need for putting makeup

The most important thing you need for putting makeup

The most important thing you need for putting makeup

Makeup, why and how we wear it, as well as what cosmetics we choose to use, is very personal. Do you still remember when and from whom you learned to apply your makeup? Has the style of your makeup changed since then? Maybe yes, since there are a lot of new technologies that can help enhance the way you put on your makeup. One great makeup tool that I just tried personally is a led lighted vanity mirror, which is all women’s must-have in their vanity or lavatory. This post is about the benefits I get whenever I use my favorite led lighted tri-fold vanity makeup mirror.


  1. It Gives Me Clear Visualization

A beautifully lighted mirror provides me the light that is similar to natural light and also helps me in viewing myself clearly. In fact, you can also visibly see yourself even at night.  

  1. How It Helps When I Apply My Makeup

Classic types of makeup that enrich my features as well as a quality set of brushes for faultless application are just some of the stuff that I want. But, what I don’t usually ponder is having the right lighting. Actually, when I received the led lighted vanity mirror with 21 pieces built-in led lights and has a touch sensor switch on its mirror screen, I realized that it can definitely help me a lot in applying flawless makeup. This is because it gives great assistance even if you use it in poorly lit or dark areas. 

  1. It Can Be Used by Other Members of the Family

My mom actually liked my mirror so she decided to buy one for our bathroom. Needless to say, the led lighted mirrors are not only for the makeup appliers, but it can also be used by all the family members. A vanity mirror that’s illuminated will also provide benefits to the hairdressers and shavers of all ages.  

  1. The Part I Like the Most – It’s Energy Efficient

For the very reason that they’re more effective compared to other types of lighting, about 300% more compared to fluorescent as well as 1000% more compared to incandescent bulbs, the fact is that they consume a much lesser amount of energy. This means that my vanity mirror can help me a lot in saving money since it costs me less in energy bills. Mine can even be used with 4pcs AAA battery or can be used through a USB cord. And what’s good about this mirror is that you can adjust the light’s brightness if you want to save energy. I do that by long pressing its central touch sensor. I believe most led lighted vanity mirrors to operate like this. 


  1. Durable Quality

Led lighted vanity mirrors are of good quality and more durable. With my vanity mirror, I can select the magnification strength so that I can have a detailed, perfect reflection of myself and really love this feature. Also, it’s very handy and can be maintained easily. I can simply fold my mirror like a book when I’m not using it anymore in order to protect it from scratches or dust. 

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